Hi, I’m Kelly.

Join me for 2,650+ miles of dirt, snow, and unwashed hair as I attempt to complete the PCT in 2019.

Days 10 & 11 - double Zero in Idyllwild

Days 10 & 11 - double Zero in Idyllwild

April 6-7 | Miles: 0

Idyllwild fixed me up good.

After rolling in defeated on Friday, I devoured a veggie pizza and slept the sleep of a dead person in a real bed. Many showers were taken; laundry was done (with dryer sheets!!).

I woke on Saturday ready to conquer the breakfast scene…


…And explore the mountain town. It’s extremely charming with a free-spirited arts community and a big heart. Every hiker I saw was welcomed with a smile anywhere they went.


I picked up some new shoes and toe socks in town to accommodate my freakishly wide feet. The day ended at dinner at the Brewpub with some other hikers and their family members in town.


Sunday rolled around and guess what? Still all I cared about was town food. Hot breakfast > all else. The funny thing is I usually hate eating before noon in real life. But today I had a date for breakfast–Dillard the black lab. Loves ear rubs and sundecks. 12/10 a very good boi.


I may have let him lick my egg plate… what Butter doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

Next, on a whim, I headed to the 10AM service at the local church. It was like attending a folk festival version of Mass. I loved it.


One of the readings was about God creating rivers in the desert to provide drink for his people, which I found hilariously topical.

Later I figured out my resupply at the grocery store and hung out with some other hikers in the town square like true loiterers.

Oh, and before I forget, a huge highlight was schmoozing with the town’s only elected politician, Mayor Max.


Very fair approach to policy–no hugs left behind. True voice of the people. 15/10 über good boi.

All in all, the weekend was nice and relaxing. I got to catch up with family and friends and give my feet some much-needed time off. But I’m ready to get back on trail. I’ve decided to take an alternate route around Fuller Ridge, the notoriously steep portion of the San Jacinto descent, as it’s supposed to be blazing hot tomorrow, making steep, extended snow travel a pain in the ass. I just got my feet healed and they aren’t ready for miles and miles of wet socks and postholing through slushy snow…yet. Though I’m sure that day’s bound to come soon enough.

It’s been humbling having to make choices that involve missing certain sections of the PCT, but it’s a marathon, and I’m doing this so I can stay in the game for the long haul, mentally and physically.

To cap off the weekend mini-vacation I popped into the restaurant across the street for a chill Sunday night dinner with some live music. Think Crosby, Stills & Nash on a cabin patio with a big stone fireplace.


As for tomorrow–looking forward to seeing how quickly I can reverse the effects of those showers & that laundry. Back to the desert!

Day 12 - Idyllwild to Mesa wind farm

Day 12 - Idyllwild to Mesa wind farm

Day 9 - santa Rosa wilderness to idyllwild

Day 9 - santa Rosa wilderness to idyllwild