Hi, I’m Kelly.

Join me for 2,650+ miles of dirt, snow, and unwashed hair as I attempt to complete the PCT in 2019.

Days 39-42 - vegas, reno, and the big flip

Days 39-42 - vegas, reno, and the big flip

May 5 - 8 | Miles: 0

Absolutelty no hiking has been accomplished over the past 4 days… I think I can feel my toes again.

Waking up at Paiute Mama’s, we grabbed coffee and hugs to go before getting our ride to Vegas from her man friend Ralph (she says they aren’t an item, but he has some different opinions).


Before we bid goodbye she promised to throw us all a party when we were back in her neck of the woods, so we have some more Smirnoff Ice and another pool dip in the near future.

Ralph ferried us over the state line and through the desert, and we grabbed Chipotle together once we’d gotten to Sin City. Then it was time for him to be on his way, and we made the trek to our humble casino abode known as Circus Circus.

The next day and a half flew by as we saw the sights, hung by the pool, and consumed Poke Bowls, McDonald’s, and In-N-Out (Lord knows what else). Casinos were entered; we racked up free drinks as we played dollar machines and roulette. My big winnings tallied $7, which was just about enough to cover the tips for the cocktail girls.


Store Brand and Vulture’s Dad and brother were in town for work and were kind enough to hang with us hobos and treat us to a few meals. We wandered the strip and gawked at the Bellagio fountains and the volcano fire show at the Mirage (free entertainment, can’t beat that).

The next day we booked a rental car and drove to Reno, where again the bros hooked us up with a sweet stay at their friend’s apartment for the night. He works for Tesla, so we benefitted from a little joyride around town in the spaceship car before chilling at his place that evening.

Today we made our way out of Reno by way of Costco and REI, and we have plans to raid a Walmart before the road spits us out in Medford, OR. Tonight we’ll get a trail angel ride to Ashland and walk a few miles to a good camp spot, on the trail again and back in the dirt. Spring Break was a good one.

Days 43 - 50 - ashland to mt. Shasta

Days 43 - 50 - ashland to mt. Shasta

Day 38 - bIrd spRing pass to walker pass

Day 38 - bIrd spRing pass to walker pass