Hi, I’m Kelly.

Join me for 2,650+ miles of dirt, snow, and unwashed hair as I attempt to complete the PCT in 2019.

Days 104-112 – bullion basin junction to stevens pass

Days 104-112 – bullion basin junction to stevens pass

August 2-10 | NOBO Miles 2332-2464.7

I really let go of the rope in terms of posting this last section, in part because of how little cell service I had. Below are photos in no particular order of some of the most beautiful trail I have ever hiked.

I rolled into Snoqualmie and connected with family who were awesome trail angels. My mom’s cousin Brian swooped in and picked me up and drove me to he and his wife Lani’s house in Mukilteo. I showered and slept copious amounts, and they gave me a fun tour of Seattle, including all the highlights and a trip to visit their son Ryan (is that a cousin? second cousin? Not sure. Anyways, a super fun few days with lots of catching up and memories shared). Lani drove me back to the pass and then it was time to get back on trail, and boy did this section test me.

Before. climbing out from the pass I grabbed another order of Hurry Curry from the Aardvark Express. Never a bad choice.

The Kendall Katwalk was beautiful. The following day I climbed up and into a sea of mist that poured over the mountains. The day after that it turned into a full on thunderstorm that soaked me through my jacket and clothes and chilled me to the bone. That night I witnessed the most beautiful sunset on trail. That night I also witnessed a mouse climb up my tent pole and onto the mesh trying to get inside. I shook him off. Then it rained cats and dogs all night and flooded my tent. But how can I complain with views like these. All in all I feel very blessed.


So long story short, I am huddled up at the Stevens Pass Mountaineer’s Lodge for the night to wait out a flash flood warning before getting back on trail tomorrow.

And you should see how buff my legs are after this section. The bootcamp is working!

Day 103 – near Crag lake to bullion baSin junction

Day 103 – near Crag lake to bullion baSin junction